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◎Information on award items published in the media at the beginning of the year
Our company treats rabbits as divine beasts, and as this year is the Year of the Rabbit, we are very grateful that many media outlets, including TV, newspapers, and magazines, have covered our products.
Among them, we would like to introduce the rabbit-related award items that were published in the magazines "anan", "Kateigaho", and "Onna Jishin".

〇 Leap Set
"Omamori" and "Ema" to pray for rapid progress and prosperity.
After filling in the ema, please put it on the ema rack dedicated to Hibaku Ema, which is installed on the left side of "Nadeusagi Shinto".
Firstfruits fee 1,000 yen

〇 Stroking Rabbit Omikuji
An omikuji (fortune slip) is placed inside a pottery lucky charm in the shape of the "patting rabbit," which is a symbol of leap forward. Not only can it be placed on a household Shinto altar, but also on a decorative shelf or desk.
Firstfruits fee 500 yen

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