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◎Winter-limited goshuin (clear goshuin)
From December 1st to February 28th, we have prepared clear goshuin only for the winter season. The clear goshuin that was given during the summer visit, but this time it is reminiscent of the illumination event "Winter Lights" held at Yunokawa Onsen town, and the rabbit, which is our divine beast, is used as a motif. It has been designed. As a souvenir, we will give you a hot spring source that reproduces Yunokawa Onsen.
Fee for firstfruits: 500 yen

◎ Gratitude sunny visit goshuin
Thank you for being able to live peacefully every day, thank you for fulfilling your wishes to the gods, thank you for your smooth work, and thank you for bringing happiness to your family. It is a special goshuin that represents. Please accept it when you visit.
Fee for firstfruits: 500 yen

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