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◎Information on Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen experience-based activity “Yunobura”

“Yunobura” is a system that allows you to easily book and pay for various experience programs, gourmet contents, and activities held by each ryokan hotel in Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen with a smartphone or tablet.

At our company, we are preparing two programs: "Shoden visit (formal worship) and transcription experience" and "transcription experience". (Participants will be given a winter-only clear goshuin and a hot spring source that reproduces Yunokawa Onsen.)


〇 What is “Shoden Sanhai (official visit)”? ?

The Shinto priest will explain the formal worship etiquette at the main shrine, which is usually rarely visited. Please experience a special atmosphere that you cannot experience in everyday life at the main shrine, which has a solemn and fantastic atmosphere.


〇What is a “transcriber”? ?

I'm sure you all know about the copying of sutras performed at temples, but the act of copying the prayers that are recited at prayer ceremonies at shrines is called "transcription."

In this "Yunobura", you can choose from three types: "Home Safety", "Business Prosperity", and "Physical Strength".


*For details,yunobura.comPlease refer to the.

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