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About New Year's celebration


There is nothing more auspicious than the longevity of family members, including parents and grandparents. Starting with the 60th birthday celebration, when a person reaches a certain age, the whole family celebrates longevity. At this age, we should visit shrines and express our gratitude and joy to the Great God for having lived a safe life, and pray for a healthy and happy life in the future.

Main celebrations of the 5th year of Reiwa

・60th birthday (61 years old) Born in 1963

There are 60 possible combinations of the 10 zodiac signs and the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. It is said that the zodiac cycle will return to its original state, so red hoods and chanchanko are given as a sign of rebirth.

・70 years old Born in 1954

The name comes from the Chinese poet Du Fu's poem "Life is seventy years old and rare".

・Kiju (77 years old) Born in 1947

The abbreviation of "Ki" was attached because it can be decomposed into seven, ten, seven.

・Kasaju (80 years old) Born in 1944

The abbreviation of "umbrella" was attached because it can be decomposed into eight and ten.


・Beiju (88 years old) Born in 1936

The kanji for rice was attached because it can be decomposed into 8, 1, 8.


・Graduation (90 years old) Those born in 1934

It was named because the slang character for graduation, 卆, can be broken down into 9 and 10.


・Hakuju (age 99) Born in Taisho 14

It was named after the character for "one hundred" and the character for "one" becomes the character for "white".


・Joju (100 years old) Born in 1924

It is also called 'Hyakuju' for 60-year-old lower life and 80-year-old middle life.

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