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“Genki” is energy that is the source of human activity.

The character of "genki", which is full of vitality and dynamism, is decorated with a pattern of "hemp leaf pattern". Hemp grows quickly, grows straight, and has a very strong vitality, making it an important plant that has been used in shrine rituals since ancient times.

Not only for babies and small children, but also for everyone who wants to live a healthy life.


God's connection charm

Various wishes can be put into one kanji character, and multiple wishes can be carried in one amulet bag.It is a good luck charm. Create a special amulet for yourself that you think you need now, and have a relationship with Ogami.Please spend a fulfilling day while feeling it.


okay charm

By receiving the divine virtues of the Great God, your worries and troubles will disappear, and you will live a fulfilling life.I hope you have a good time. No matter what happens, "it's okay"


leap set

"Omamori" and "Ema" to pray for leap and prosperity. After filling in the Ema, it is set up on the left side of "Nadeusagi Shinto".Please put it on the Ema-gake.


Namara Azuma Healing

"Namara Azumashii" means very comfortable. To all visitors,I have been praying for you to lead a peaceful life on a daily basis. It is a charm that uses the same yew (onko) beads and pure silk braid as our sacred tree.


four seasons charm

Please feel the four seasons of Japan and pray for a healthy and happy life.I'm here.


Fukuyose drawstring charm

Since ancient times, bells have been believed to have spiritual powers to ward off evil, ward off evil, and bring good luck. This amulet is pureWe use water koto bells with beautiful tones.


Ikasu Omikuji (Ezo Omikuji)

One of the Hokkaido local omikuji series. The squid, a seafood representative of Hakodate, is expressed in cute papier-mâché, and the omikuji inside is written in Hokkaido dialect. Currently, at 14 shrines in Hokkaido, you can draw omikuji with various motifs such as saury and corn.


Rabbit Omikuji Amulet

These omikuji fortune slips are made from Kusunoki balls, which is also a fragrant wood. There are 20 different patterns of rabbits, and depending on the pattern, you can receive instructions from the Great God. If you wish to bring the wooden ball you drew as a talisman, please receive a talisman bag made of shike silk at the conferment office.


Stroking Rabbit Omikuji

An omikuji (fortune slip) is placed inside a pottery good-luck charm in the shape of the "patting rabbit," which is a symbol of leap forward. Not only can it be placed on a household Shinto altar, but also on a decorative shelf or desk.


Goshuin book

This is a goshuincho (red stamp book) made by weaving "Kurishima cherry blossoms" in hopes of the earliest possible return of the Northern Territories. (Hokkaido shrine list, with special mizuhiki band)

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